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...and Velcome!

My name is Jacob, I'm 18 (7/24/2004), live in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and I've been making ASMR videos on YouTube since January 2017 and on TinglyTube (my own free platform for ASMR content) since June 2020. I'm also a learning Web Developer, primarily using PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.

Former ASMRtist United Founding Member & President · Co-Founder, CEO, & CTO of TinglyTube Media, LLC.

I'll probably add some more to my website soon, but in the meantime you can check out my various links and projects below

My Links

Places where you can find and follow me (or threaten to drag me through the woods, prickly bushes, and everything)...

You can also just send me an email if that's more your 𝓼𝓽𝔂𝓵𝓮 -

My Projects

These are the public things that I've made (and actually finished), I'm always looking to make more as I get the idea (or get inspired).

Is There Mail Today?

June 21, 2022.

On Juneteenth, I was curious if there was mail that day, which was followed by the thought of whether or not someone had created a website that tells you just that. Not to my surprise, there is, but it's a bit 'simple' and not mobile-friendly.

And so I decided to create my own that utilizes a cool little JavaScript plugin that gets your local date and checks if it's a USPS holiday or Sunday, as well as gives you a cool postal fact at the bottom of the page!

Check 'er out!

Is There Mail Today? Twitter Bot

July 9, 2022.

A website's cool and all, but a Twitter Bot's even cooler! It runs on a Cron job at 4:30am ET, every. single. day. (Except for the days when the Twitter API is down...).

Check 'er out!